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on all lamps*
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Lamps and Light Fixtures

Lamps and Light Fixtures

The offered light fixtures and lamps have very different light effects and light distributions. Some light fixtures like ceiling lights or spotlights radiate the light directly so you can see the lamps inside and illuminate objects directly (accentuation).

Other light fixtures like ceiling lights or torchieres radiate the light indirectly. In this light fixtures the lamps are either not or only diffusely seen through a glass cover. This type of light fixtures spread out the light through room surfaces (eg wall or ceiling). The light is perceived very mild though it prevents the accurate perception of contours. In other light fixtures for example grid lights the lamps are covered by glass or a grid so you cannot see into the light directly and the light radiation is focused in appropriate directions (glare limitation). This is especially important in office lightning.

Our service area will give you further information and answer your questions about lighting technology.

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Of course we can ship your goods by express delivery. For express deliveries please contact our hotline: +49 2241 250 55 0.

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Shipping costs germany

  • Delivery charge 4,95 €
  • Free delivery if the value of goods exceeds 40 €
  • Standard delivery time: approx. 3 - 5 working days1

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  • Delivery only if the value of goods exceeds 50 €
  • Delivery charge 12,50 €
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1 Should the delivery time diverge from this, you will be informed immediately.

For shipping costs to other countries (Non EU) and additional fees for express delivery please contact our Hotline +49 2241 250 55 0 or write an e-mail to info@lichtkaufhaus.de.

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1. C.O.D.
For C.O.D. the forwarding agent will charge an additional C.O.D. charge (2,50 € for Germany) that we have no bearing on.
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In the case of prepayment we offer a 3% discount in addition to any other discounts. Please note that the goods will not be shipped until receipt of payment.
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Please order the desired products as in another dispatch in our online-shop. During the order procedure you can choose shipping method and payment method Self collection. You will receive an e-mail with your order information approx. 10 seconds after successful completion of the order procedure.

Once your goods are ready for collection we send you an e-mail notification.

The collection can take place within our business hours Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.

You can pay the invoice amount as prepayment or in cash or by debit card when you collect your goods. In the case of prepayment we offer a 3% discount.

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Our bonus program
Our bonus programDiscount:

We offer our customers the following special conditions as a bonus program. Regardless of payment or shipping we will deduct the following discounts from your purchase value automatically. If the value of goods exceeds 500,- € you will get a 5% discount on your purchase.

Free shipping:

The delivery within Germany is free of shipping costs if the value of goods exceeds 40,- €.

Cash discount:

For orders with the payment method prepayment you get 3% cash discount in addition to all previous discounts and benefits.

Our bonus program:
  • 5% discount if the value of goods exceeds 500,- €
  • 3% discount on prepayment
  • Free Shipping in Germany if the value of goods exceeds 40 €
  • Free Shipping in Europe if the value of goods exceeds 250 €

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Lamps and Light Fixtures

For more than ten years we are one of the biggest full-service suppliers for light fixtures and lamps in germany. Our wide product catalogue helps you to find the right light fixtures and the matching lamps.

In our light fixtures online shop you will find for instance ceiling lights, wall Lights, floor lamps and pendant lights in the category home lightning.

For commercial applications we offer specific models of ceiling lights in the category shop & office.

The Expert in Lighting Design

Lamps and Light Fixtures

We hope to provide you with the right lighting out of our wide product range of over 17.500 lamps and light fixtures.

Our professional light designers can help you in difficult lighting situations. Designs with Dialux or Relux (special planning programs) are part of our daily work as well as uncomplicated lighting consultations by phone or by mail.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.