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Easy Lim Master Steuerung, 12V/DC und 24V/DC ArtNr.: 179589

  • Easy Lim Master Steuerung, 12V/DC und 24V/DC
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Easy Lim Master Steuerung, 12V/DC und 24V/DC

One-channel LED controller including radio remote control for operation of 12V and 24V constant voltage LED installations. The control gear offers eight fixed set, dynamic programs, adjustable brightness and fade speed as well as a memory function by mains disconnection. Output on 12V it is suitable for a maximum of 50 watt, while 24 volt operation is set for a maximum of 100 watt. A separately available power supply unit is required for operation. For larger installations the master controller can be enhanced with several slave controllers. As an optional accessory we recommend our battery CR2025, 3V, 170mA (470621).

  • material: plastic
  • operating voltage: 12 / 24 volt
  • power: max. 50 watt
  • protection class: III
  • dimensions (l/b/h): 3,3 cm / 1,2 cm / 0,5 cm
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